Uranium Aerosolized Into Atmosphere

Conclusion – Fukushima really blew up, launching TONS of Uranium and Plutonium into the atmosphere.

HERE is all the supporting information

Here is a Scientific Paper that supports the dispersions and the height of air columns containing particles


My max estimate is 195 TONS of Uranium, and it may certainly be less based on assumptions made, but the bottom line is that a huge amount of Uranium was exploded and aerosolized.
Video Analysis of Unit 3 Explosion here



The quantity of tons aerosolized can be estimated by using official Government data, in particular Exhibit F-1 which is a 4/5/2011 publication of the EPA Radnet.    Their website is very complicated to navigate, and I can no longer find this PDF file on  their website, I have archived a copy to my computer.

Exh F-1 Shows 130 aCi/M3 of URANIUM in air, in Honolulu, with similar amount in Kauai, and even more in Guam.

The “Background” amount of Uranium in Air in Honolulu is around 5 aCi/M3,  thus making the measured Uranium 2600% higher than Background  .   See Table 9 from the EPA for this data.

Using a dispersion simulator, printout attached as Exh G-1, and with help of Google Earth (Exhibit G2 and G3) I calculate an affected area, which is about 2800 miles by 4900 miles.
Here is the simulator.

Now to make an estimate of affected volume of air, we need to select a height, I selected 8 miles.
The meat of the calculations are on Exhibit C-1, which is the next page

195 Tons Of Uranium!
Lets do a sensitivity analysis on the assumptions.   What if the affected area is 50% of the size the simulator shows, then use a multiplier of 0.5.

What if the height of the affected air is only more like 2 miles instead of 8, uses a multiplier of 0.25
195 tons *.5*.25= 24 Tons (Conservative Estimate)

Under the Conservative Estimate, and using .89% Plutonium per Table 1, this would be 433 pounds of Plutonium aerosolized.   

Truth is not the friend of Nuke,
No wonder this stuff has to be covered up.

Backup and Calcs here!

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  1. This is what the NRC, IAEA, and other regulatory and nuclear safety agencies SHOULD be calculating and reporting.

    My bet? They will NEVER go there, unless forced to by bloggers and outside the nuclear industry pressure.

    1. Indeed, someday soon these needs to be run to ground.