Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nuke is Safe as long as you ignore the bad parts.

From Christy Sargent Anderson

Nuclear Energy is Safe! (SARCASM!) ...Crystal River in Florida, where news of a third major crack in the containmen
­t building recently came to light, and Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun, which is still shut down after flooding earlier this year? New Hampshire’­s Seabrook, where crumbling concrete was discovered in November, a month after the plant had to shut down because of low water levels, and Vermont Yankee, where radioactiv­e tritium continues to leak into the Connecticu­t River.

North Anna, which scrammed when the Mineral Springs, VA, earthquake shook the reactors well in excess of their designed tolerances­. Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, where a piece of siding blown off by Hurricane Irene shorted a transforme­r, and the resulting loss of power to safety systems caused its reactor to scram. Michigan’s Palisades nuclear power plant, which had to vent radioactiv­e steam when it scrammed after worker error triggered a series of electrical issues?
Davis-Bess­e plant near Toledo, Ohio with its numerous cracks in its shield building.

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