Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ah, an Executive Order

There are certain emergency powers vested in the President of the US.

Now by executive order some of these powers are being transferred to other individuals.

Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

Also, this order specifies that now these individual persons can buy whatever they want, in whatever quantities they want.

They can hand money to whomever they want, including loan guarantees to whomever they want.

Any resources that the US has that are specific to the National Defense can be redirected by certain individuals to be taken for the governments use, superseding all other contracts, and these individuals shall act as to have the full power of the President of the United States in these matters.

These resources are broad: Food, food production, animals and plants, farm equipment, fertilizer, all forms of energy, health care, water, ALL OTHER MATERIALS.   


These individuals who are acting with the full power of the President can extend these authorities to anyone else as long as that new individual is the "head of an agency".

 With one exception, the Secretary of Defense is given full authority to do whatever they want in regards to Chemical and Biological warfare, however, good thing, they cannot further delegate that authority.

Each agency can make whatever loan guarantees they want in whatever language they want and they shall collaborate with the Federal Reserve Bank.

They can hand extra money "subsidy payments" to anyone, as long as it regards "supply in any area" -304

The Government be allowed to install government owned equipment into facilities owned by private persons.-308

Sec 310- the individuals acting with full power of the President shall be able to give money without bidding to any supplier that they like as long as that supplier is a "reliable source"

Sec 601--The Secretary of Labor may assist the Director of Selective Service to make whatever rules they want in forcing people into the armed services.

Sec 804-This law makes is specifically illegal for anyone to sue the United States, and agency, officer, employees, agents, or any other person from doing whatever they want under this act.

Barack Obama

March 16, 2012





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