Monday, March 5, 2012

TEPCO Busted Dead to Rights on Photoshopping to Deceive

First reported by Asahi

And here is the TEPCO website where they show this photo also, in case you think that maybe Asahi Newspaper played with it, they didn't

Check out this photo which is in the link above

But wait this gets even more curious. TEPCO also post a video of the bots trip through building 2. 6 video's actually. And you can tell when the robot takes a high resolution photo, it stops and 16 blocks snap off.

In the second video, which is 27MB zipped (thus too large for me to post using BOX), but which you can download, and at the exact moment that the Bot is in place to take the photo in question (the one above that got photoshopped), the video mysteriously jumps to a completely different picture, and then return to it's normal position on the re-fueling deck---the position just past where that picture was taken.

No joke, chicken skin stuff.

 It is roughly at 4:25 into the WMV video. This is also at 68:36 in the mission timer as shown in the picture.

They just spliced in a whole different video of a robot taking a picture at a different view altogether. Very Odd.

You can download the video at the TEPCO site, and play it,

go to

then scroll down to February Archive and click on that

then go to 

when you get to the right time in which the angles and distance from the refueling crane are correct, the mystery jump occurs.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, good evidence to really sway some people. Obvious blatant lies, and arrogant. IF you are going to cover something up at least respect the deceptee enough to do quality work.

    2. I added more, they edited the video also