Wednesday, March 7, 2012

X5 Solar Flare coming our way

I haven't checked...was just thinking
We had lighting storm hit right down the street, 2000' away

In Wisco, probably need 2 good size lighting rods, because the PV array is highly grounded (a great lighting rod)

After solar minimum we went through...I expect a bounce back maximum.   

"You guys" (LOL all of us) need to get rid of those stinking Cash for Clunker nuke plants at Kewaunee, Palisades, that one in Illinois that smoked got a bunch of the worst old ones right there, they get cited for violations all the time, like a 1974 Matador, no one wants to buy them, yet they can't die a natural death.    A culture of incompetence has emerged, Kewaunee got busted for a worker doing brewski's at lunch.

A week without power and chaos and no diesel deliveries and they will all be melted down and blown up like Fukushima, which by the way, is still spewing radiation at a very harmful rate regardless of what you don't hear in the media.    Worst man made disaster in human history, ongoing, with a near media blackout.....almost a year. 

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