Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some senators, like Senator Akaka get it

Fortunately not all our senators are that stupid.

Dear Mr. __________:

Thank you for your comments regarding nuclear power plants.

I believe that nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons pose a great threat to our environment and security. I am concerned about the management of radioactive waste, proliferation of nuclear weapons, vulnerability of nuclear power plants to terrorist attacks, and effectiveness of nuclear power plant regulations. I believe that funding is better spent on clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies than on the design and construction of nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants have very high startup costs and rely heavily on federal subsidies. In addition, our nation's nuclear power plants, which generate a fifth of our electricity, produce about 2,000 metric tons of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel in a year that must be properly stored for thousands of years.

    As an alternative to nuclear and fossil fuel energy, I have supported clean energy technology throughout my career in Congress. For instance, legislation I wrote, entitled the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Act of 2005, was included in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-58). This bill provides funding for the research and development of hydrogen fuel cells. I also introduced the Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Promotion Act of 2007, which was included in the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007
(P.L. 110-140). This legislation resulted in an initial U.S. Department of Energy grant of $978,000 to establish a National Marine Renewable Energy Center in Hawaii. Additionally, I cosponsored the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Research, Development, and Demonstration Act (P.L. 96-310), which laid the foundation for federal funding for research and development of ocean thermal energy conversion systems.

I will continue to advocate for a comprehensive energy plan that addresses our national, economic, and environmental security needs and makes use of renewable energy, such as hydrogen, solar, wind, ocean waves, and biomass. Mahalo again for contacting me.
Aloha pumehana,

U.S. Senator

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