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Per Kevin on review of Gunderson Video

I have had a healthy dose of skepticism when dealing with Arnie and have stated so in many instances on this list.
However, in this video at 24:25 Arnie partially redeems himself on one particular issue that is very important. In Arnies last video he went into great depth about unit 1 and how the lid may have lifted off as was proven in testing that occurred 40 years ago.
When admin posted that video I made a big stink about how Arnie was contradicting known facts. In particular, in his video he focused on the time after the Tsunami and before the explosion. At which point he laid out a theory about how the explosion was caused due to pressure lifting off the reactor cap and releasing the hydrogen. I jumped on his analysis and claimed he was misinforming people because it was known that in fact the EQ caused damage to the containments and radiation was released before the tsunami. This was/is a very important point becuase the industry has repeatedly made the claim that the reactors survived the EQ in tact and the damage was caused by the tsunami. A point I have disagreed with since day one and it is a very important point because the implications are very serious for the entire industry.
In this video at 24:25 he contradicts his last video and supports my assertions by claiming that in the case of reactor one it is unclear whether or not the EQ was responsbile for damaging the containments. This is a large step toward doing what I demanded he do and address the conflict of what he presented in his video and what the facts are. I am impressed that Arnie made this small step. He is actually admitting that his theory on reactor one that he presented in detail in his last video could be wrong.
I demanded he address this point in detail because it was a point where he was clearly providing misinformatoin and distracting people from a very serious issue by focusing them on the details in his video all of which occurred after the EQ caused the real damage.

So, in conclusion, this small step Arnie makes is good. However it does not fully address the major problem that arises from his last video. And I renew my request for him to provide details. In fact, now that he has admitted in this video that the EQ could have done the damage necessary he must address his own conflicting views on what occurred at reactor one.
This may sound like nit picking but its very serious and he did his last whole video on this topic alone. And it could be construed that the effort was entirely a deflection away from the fact that the EQ caused the damage and subsequent explosion. He did this by explicitly focusing on the time after the Tsunami and deliberately not addressing the time period between the time of the EQ and the Tsunami when it is known that a radiation leak was detected.
Arnies credibility rests on this in my eyes. It is a clear example where he contradicts himself in just a matter of a couple weeks on a very serious issue. Until Arnie addresses this in detail he no longer has credibility in my opinion and in fact through this issue has proven that he is conducting a misinformation campaign designed to damage control for the industry. In this clear and precise incident it has to do with protecting the industry from the fact that the EQ caused fatal damage to a reactor. An issue that has ramifications worldwide and puts their claims that these things are quake proof to shame.
I look forward to Arnie addressing this in a timely fashion

Further down--more by Kevin

There are a lot nuances and subtleties involved.
Due to a complete lack of credible information coming from industry, government and supporting agencies Arnie has filled the void. In so doing he has reached hero status in many peoples eyes.
The problems arise with respect to whether he arrived or was sent.
Given that he has a career in the industry and that there is otherwise complete silence about the issues he addresses it seems that every potential exists for him to be fulfilling a vital role for the industry, more so than the vital role he is filling for us lay people.
Regardless of what one thinks of him, and whether or not he is a misinformation agent, I think he needs to address the conflict I detail. It is imperative to maintain credibility either way.
For me, I subscribe to the old Fox Mulder motto when dealing with this industry "trust no one." And view all information critically in a bid to discover the truth and the risk to my child.
I would feel more comfortable if someone else from the industry stepped up to the plate and provided detailed analysis. I think Arnie would too.
In the end its shameful that we have to live under these conditions, seek out truth in the abscense of professionals providing facts. Its a fine display of the circumstances that are at the core of what ails modern day society and could be the evidence of our collective demise.
I do not hate Arnie, I appreciate what insights he has provided. But I also do not envy him. There is only person you have to go to sleep with every night in this life and the decisions we make can make that nightly experience very troubling, and I am sure Arnie is only all too well aware of that.

I made some comments:

A few ideas
Dai means  "number"
Ni Means Two
Ichi Means One

The Japanese beat around the bush, alot.   If you come off too direct too strong too attacking, they will shun you, regardless of the accuracy of your position.   I speak a little Japanese and have traveled the country and married a Japanese woman.

I don't think that the issue of whether the EQ or the tsunami caused the radiation leak is a make or break issue.    Nuke can be sentenced to death without that, that is a battle that I don't think even needs to be fought, in fact an energy wasting argument. 

I don't know all the facts and I don't need to, my opinion is adequately backed up, and my ability to sway others is adequately armed. 

Another point.   Arnie is old, and getting older by the month, this is wearing on him.  Unless he is an idiot financially, he should have $5M to $15M saved up.    He is not doing any of this for money, unless I am wrong.   His neighbors like him.   Just saying that any implication that he is hitching his organization to nuke just makes no sense to me based on why?   To go against everything you have worked for, when you don't need money anymore--than what he has, well that makes no sense.    He lives for the love of his wife, and his wife adores him for beating up on the nukers. 

My analysis.    

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