Friday, March 16, 2012

A rant, perchance a reflection

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    Ras Bumboclat
    I can't help but think of children playing with matches, who then burn the neighborhood down with their ignorance of fire. That seems to be the story of man playing with atoms. A horrific price to pay for a clever species that doesn't seem to have the corresponding intelligence or wisdom to match.

    A hard core natural selection fk up. If you make the wrong mistake, you're gone. You get wiped out of the gene pool, and that seems it may be our fate? As George Carlin said "just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac."

    There's a reason the earth has this wonderful protective atmosphere, to protect us from all the fking radiaion in space! Haha! It's comedic and at the same time would make for an epic novel or a great play. We decided to make the radiation inside the atmosphere, because we thought we could get one up on the sun! We thought we could, yeah, become god.

    The price for this arrogance and vanity seems to be almost beyond calculation, but for nature it may have been just an experiment? Who could these people become, what could they do? Would they make a wonderful world or blow it all to hell? Oops! There's your answer.

    I hope everyone keeps their levity and sense of humor as long as they're kicking around this planet.
    Remember there is another 400+ nuclear reactors out there (the ones we know about), not including all the nuclear aircraft carriers, submarines, weapons, that somewhere some point need to be dealt with? Hmm.

    Alan Watts. Is it serious?

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