Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nuke Costs Too Much, and they lie about the initial construction cost

2 hours ago ( 3:06 PM)
Ever wondered why nuclear can't be delivered on budget, but often comes in at twice (or more) projected costs? Perhaps it's so they can maintain appearances with EIA, and look competitive vis a vis other technologies.

The Candu reactor at Darlington was proposed at $3.9 billion and came in at $14.4 billion CAD. Labor stoppages, improper choice of equipment, mid-construction safety reviews ... all run of the mill for nuclear. Proposals for new reactors at Darlington did no better with a projected $28 billion cost. At some $7,375 per kilowatt, EIA must be spinning its head (but not so much that they want to revise any of their projections)!

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