Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nuke Liars Club, Energy Subsidies

The following was a reply to a PNP who was lying about federal subsidies.    He was lying by a factor of 3000%.    His lies are at the bottom.

A solar system that will produce 380,000 kWH on a 30 year life will cost about a "sell price" of $30,000. With a 30% Federal Tax credit, that is $9000,

380,000 kWH = 380 MWH

9000/380 = $23.68 /MWH in federal subsidies.

NOT $775 as you lie

However, I have also invested in oil wells, you know why? Because old school corruption has the best rate of return as old school corruption has been swaying the laws for decades.

On an investment of $100,000 I get an instant tax deduction of $80,000, then the future income (roughly 20% to 30% per year) is also part shielded from taxes. These are just the handouts to the investors, there are additional handouts directly to the exploration and production companies.


Kind of seems like your supposed argument is full of holes.

Liars Club
05:56 PM on 03/16/2012
"I. Energy Subsidies Are much Greater for Oil, Gas, Coal and Nuclear Than for Renewables, Which Are Simply More Affordable Than Ever"

Here's the truth. Subsidies per unit production­:

Solar: $775.64/me­gawatt hour
Wind: $56.29/meg­awatt hour
Geothermal­: $12.85/meg­awatt hour
Nuclear: $3.14/mega­watt hour
Hydro: $0.82/mega­watt hour
Coal: $0.64/mega­watt hour
NG/Petro: $0.64/mega­watt hour

Ms Norris, when it comes to nuclear power your article is so biased it can't be called anything but propaganda. Most of what you say is unsupported and when you do cite a source, it is a radical activist site like Please learn the facts about nuclear power and the nuclear industry. Don't just assume the anti-nuke rhetoric you've head is true.

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