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Ah, they discourage 'speculation', in other words stay blind to possibilities

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Re: Effect of Solar Storms on the Grid and Nuke Plants?

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Originally Posted by docneil88 View Post "...there may also be disruption of power supply for years, or even decades, as geomagnetic currents attracted by the [solar] storm could debilitate the [grid] transformers."

How long must active nuclear fuel rods in a reactor be cooled to prevent a meltdown after a reactor is shut down? Is the quote above from the International Business Times way off? I honestly don't know. But if solar storms were to knock out the grid for a year, society would probably descend into chaos. Also, the process of refining oil into diesel fuel or nat gas into propane requires electricity, which would no longer be available, unless backup generators were brought to the refineries. And the NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) backup generators require continuous diesel or nat gas. Also, trucks would be needed to ship the fuel to the NPPs during a one year power outage.
The issue of electrical grid security/reliability/stability is in the realm of electrical engineering, and really has nothing to do with nuclear engineering. The IBTimes articles is speculative, and perhaps overly speculative.

It is hard to imagine a nation having an electrical grid down for weeks, months, years. The technology is much more robust than in the 1800s.

The solar activity is a discussion topic for astrophyiscs. Prior to solar cycle 24, there was speculation about the sun entering a relatively prolonged quiet phase. Now we see 'speculation' about an active period in 2013. We discourage and even prohibited 'overly speculative' posts at PF to avoid the unnecessary and unproductive arguments about what might be.

This is pretty said, last year September 15th 2011, "they" (physics eggheads) were calling cyclical physical phenomenon speculative, after the 4 sigma event of a massive minimum did occur already in the last several years.

Sure, lets hope we don't get a Carrington event, but the comment in blue about how total loss of the grid has nothing to do with nuclear engineering.   What a joke!   It has everything to do with nuclear engineering, unless you just want to play your egg head games without having an annoyances like planning for a black swan that it guaranteed to happen sometime and would wipe out the human race.

And price for the boys to play with their big important toys, any price including your life...roll the dice.

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